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Furniture Manufacturing for Hotel

Betop provides bespoke furniture manufacturing solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. With a keen understanding of the unique demands of the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of designs and options crafted to enhance the ambiance and functionality of any space.
We provide furniture for -
& Resorts
& cafes
& Bars
Salons, Spas & Wellness centers
& boats
Our services encompass the production of a variety of furniture pieces that are popular within the hospitality sector. These include:

Guestroom/ Bedroom Furniture

Our custom-made beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, and dressers are crafted with comfort, style and durability in mind, ensuring guests enjoy a restful and pleasant stay.

Lounge and Lobby Seating

We offer a wide selection of lounge chairs, sofas, ottomans, and benches, designed to create inviting and comfortable seating areas in hotel lobbies, lounges, and reception areas.

Restaurant and Bar Furniture

From elegant dining tables and chairs to stylish bar stools to upholstered DJ booths, our furniture is tailored to meet the specific needs of restaurants, bars, and cafes, combining aesthetics with practicality.

Conference and Banquet Furniture

We manufacture conference tables, chairs, podiums, and banquet seating that ensure hospitality venues can easily accommodate large gatherings with ease.


Storage, shelves and cabinets

From housekeeping closets to storage rooms, we offer durable and customizable cabinets and shelving solutions to support the operational needs of hospitality establishments. We also manufacture wardrobes, closets, and dressers, reception desks to lobby displays, shelves and cabinets that serve both functional and decorative purposes, shelving units for bars, wine racks, and glassware cabinets specifically designed for the unique needs of restaurants and bars.

Whether it's a boutique hotel, a luxury resort, or a bustling restaurant,
Betop is committed to providing furniture that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients and their guests.

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